So now Oprah wants to be president.  Wow! Now everybody thinks they can be in charge of a country. We already have a four-year joke in the white house and trust me when I say it will only be four-years. Not eight by any chance unless you put Oprah in the oval office.

Oprah and Trump have this in common, they both are excellent entrepreneurs. He is real estate and she is entertainment and that is where the problem begins. Neither have a political background. I thought only governors, senators, and congressmen could qualify for running for president, but we live in a new age now and not a real good one.

I don’t have a problem with a woman in charge but a political background would help ease my mind. You can’t run a country having a vendetta against an individual. Oprah is not a fan of Trump and that is what she would be doing if elected president. Trump is doing that, he was no fan of Barak Obama. He ran for president because it bothered him that a black man was in charge eight years. What Trump failed to realize is that the president works for the people and not against them. He has proven he is not for the people especially minorities and yet he ran for president and by golly he won.

Trump got his wish and is now president of the greatest country in the world. And it is taking its toll on him. Like Obama whose hair was black and change to snow white less than a year in office thanks to stress that comes with the job.  Trump is old but now he has stress trenched in those age lines because now he knows this is not an easy job.

The man is a wizard when it comes to putting up hotels and resorts, but running a country is not like running a hotel. I wonder if he looks in the mirror and says you’re fired! So far all he’s done is play on twitter and like a teenager. I have a twitter account and I post news about my books and philosophical beliefs about life.  Not insults like a child. I believe if Trump is not reelected he may not show it, but he would be relieved.

Oprah should take note before jumping in the political pool and find out it is not so easy to swim in it. She is great at producing talk shows, tv shows, and movies. But that is it, she is not a politician.  One on the job training is enough and it is dangerous to put another celebrity in the white house base on a vendetta of dislike towards another.

A woman for the job? Nikki Haley is an ex-governor of  South Carolina and would no doubt when the Trump mistake is over will throw in her candidacy for president.  She got rave reviews taking the Confederate flag from the statehouse though it has since returned after the tragic Charleston church shootings.

Oprah should support a candidate male or female with a political background. Something that Donald Trump wished he had done instead of thinking he was qualified to run a country. People of these United States Of America please during the next election vote for a candidate with a political background 5000 votes for a publishing contract. So vote for this book.

TOKEN BLACK: A Mercury Slim Joint Short Story





A Mercury Slim Joint Short Story


It was 2 a.m. Sunday morning and the usual after mid-night crowd at Mitch’s bar didn’t stick around on the account that it was the lord’s day. The bar was located on Central Ave. Owned by a man with the same name Mitch Blake, a former actor who was once a pretty boy in Hollywood, but as he became an aging pretty boy his star began to diminish and so he left tinsel town to come back home and use his money to open a bar.

The watering hole sat between two future luxury apartment complexes, the type of housing for the young corporate executives to live in was now the in thing. Mitch didn’t mind because he knew that it could be only good for business. Inside the bar was like any other bar with stools, and tables with the exception of Hollywood memorabilia hanging on the walls, but nothing that Mitch had done because he was sentimental that way. He usually shut down the place out of respect for the lord, but a friend called in a favor and he obliged.

Mercury asked Mitch to hold the bar open for him and an old high school friend. Mitch didn’t ask why, he just said no problem, Mercury was one of his first customers and the two of them found they had a connection. Mercury peered through the window under the letters titled Mitch’s Bar. He saw Mitch behind the bar doing what bartenders do wiping it down and his old high school chum, Truit Foster.

Mercury didn’t go inside right away, he studied the man who hired him to solve his nephew’s murder. Mercury saw a man drowning his sorrows, problems, and guilt in hard liquor. Whiskey to be exact, Jim Beam, Johnnie walker, or Wild Turkey, Mercury couldn’t tell, but for now the bottle was Truit’s best friend. Mercury knew some people used the burning beverage as their shrink and it looked liked Truit was telling it all his problems.

Mercury waltzed in nodding to Mitch who continued wiping down the bar. He made it to Truit who sat with his back to the door. Mercury got his attention with a tap on the shoulder.

“So … how’s therapy?” asked Mercury.

Truit held up a half empty bottle. “I need a longer session.”

Mercury laughed. “Sure you can afford it?” Mercury perched himself at the table.

“Any of them white boys confessed to killing my nephew?”

“They’re all innocent.” said Pone.

“That ain’t the news I was expecting.”

“Don’t blame the weather man if you don’t like the forecast.” said Mercury. Truit took another sip of whiskey. “Always cool with the words. Somethings never change.”

“And somethings do,” remarked Mercury.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Tyree died with a gun shot to the back of the head. It wasn’t close range, wasn’t execution style either … the way he fell face down on the ground looked more like he was surprised if you can believe that.”

Truit frowned. “Surprised? What do you mean surprised?”

“Can’t quite put my finger on it, but like he was looking at something or better yet somebody told him to look at something and bang.”

Mercury watched Truit empty the bottle. He motioned to Mitch to bring another and a glass. Mitch set the bottle and glass on the table then went back to his duties behind the bar. Mercury poured Truit and himself a drink.

“You paying for this session?” asked Truit.

“It’s the least I can do,” said Mercury.

Truit drank then he grabbed the bottle and poured himself another.

Mercury nursed his drink. “You ain’t drinking just to past time, are you?”

“Why else would I be drinking?”

Mercury snorted. “Drinking like that … seems like a man trying to drink away guilt.”

“My nephew’s dead, man … you know some people handle grief differently,”

“Don’t I know it,” Mercury nodded. “I remember my father and me watching a football game and there were about twenty cheer leaders… “

Truit’s eyes were blood-shot and droopy. “You going somewhere with this?”

“Only one black girl was on the squad and my dad referred to her as a token.”

“Was he saying their should’ve been more than just one black?”

“You know it,”

“My nephew was a token, but he chose to be around all them white people.”

Mercury pursed his lips. “Tyree had a bright future in the corporate world and from what I heard he was about to go to grad school. He was the first in your family to graduate college and was setting an example to his younger cousins. All of that was taken away… “

Truit grunted. “Told ya them damn white boys …”

“His friends were devastated,” said Mercury.

Truit’s words began to slur. “Damn shame when a black start actin’ white.”

“Some whites act black.” remarked Mercury.

“Say what?”

“Remember that boy back in high school?”

“You talkin’ about that white boy dressing black and hanging out with all the black kids?”

“He had jheri-curls, pattern dress slacks and shirts and all the white kids use to say he needed to be slapped. Despite all that, he went on about his business.” said Mercury. Truit shook his head. “Still though, you belong with your own kind.”

“What is this the nineteen sixties? Did it bother you that much to see your nephew having white friends?”

“Man, the guys at the barber shop always said to me why yo nephew think he white, acting white, and talking white.”

Mercury glared. “You need a new barber. Better yet what’s the name of the barber shop because they won’t get my service. That’s what you call ignorance, Truit. And it’s not talking white, it’s call articulate. Your nephew was articulate.”

Truit shook his head. “Got on my damn nerves.”

“That’s why you did it?” asked Mercury.

Truit gave a dubious look through his stretched blood-shot eyes. “What the hell you talking about?”

“I’ve seen you around Tyree acting like he was an itch you could never scratch.”

“He brought them white bitches to family outings”

Mercury snorted. “You definitely in the wrong century. In this century, bi-racial couples go together like macaroni and cheese. If you can’t stand bi-racial couples then you don’t like mac and cheese. You were jealous of Tyree, why?”

“I told you man, hanging around them damn whites … the kind that got in my way,”

“No!” Mercury shook his head. “This day and age only you can hold yourself back. You can’t blame anybody else for your short comings. If you don’t make it in this world then it’s on you. Using color of skin for failure is a cop out. I went to school with you… you might have qualified for trade school, but that would have been a challenge. School is not for everyone and that’s why I went into the military. You should have accepted your weakness and should have been proud of your nephew. He was going to take your family to the next level.”

No police sirens were needed, red and blue strobe lights flashed inside the bar from the outside window. Mercury looked at the bulge in Truit’s right pants pocket.

“Put the gun on the table nice and slow.” said Mercury. He motioned toward the bar where Mitch looked more than ready to pull something from underneath the bar if he needed to. Truit did as he was told. Mercury grabbed the .38 special and shook his head.

“The caliber of bullet came from this type of gun that caused the hole in the back of Tyree’s head. He was your nephew.”

Truit nodded. “That’s why I hired you. I knew you would help me face my demons and I hope you believe me when I say I did love my nephew, the token black.”










Hair was like spider legs and its eyes were like that of a fly which

was the first thing to freak me out since spiders and flies are enemies, It

stood a least six feet tall and about a buck twenty in weight. He wore a gray

business suit and we were on opposite sides of the wall waiting for an elevator.

I asked Mark my coworker, we both work first shift in the mail room of the

Bankers Trust Corporate building. “Is it Halloween already?” I asked.

“What did you have for breakfast this morning?” questioned Mark.

It then hit me that October was four months away. “Are they shooting

a movie?” Since from time to time Hollywood found North Carolina to be

a cheap location for shooting films.

“You thinking about a career change or something?” asked Mark.



“You don’t see that guy over there with that mask on?”

Mark looked at me then looked me in the eye.

“Alright already he’s ugly, but so are billions of other people

in the world you don’t have to be cruel.” he said.

I wasn’t making fun or anything and I didn’t understand why Mark

got offensive, but it occurred to me I was the only one seeing a

monstrosity and it wasn’t Halloween or a movie being shot. Was I

crazy or going through a mid-life crisis. . . no. I pinched myself and

let out a loud ouch. Mark gave me a look that said if you keep this up

I’ll personally escort you to the loony bin. The elevators doors opened and

like a herd of cattle, we all went into our corral.

“Maybe you need to hit the ground running to get your

head straight,” said Mark

Yeah right, I thought. I sort and file mail for a living in a boring mail

room. The bottom of the totem pole in the corporate world. I looked at the

faces in the elevator with me and Mark and they were all human. Handsome,

pretty, cute, and yeah some were damn ugly, but they were all human and

maybe Mark was right about me needing something to do get my mind right.

I put on my smock and went to my station and started sorting and filing

mail. So far the day was like any other day in the mail room. Mail was being

loaded into the bins and placed on the railway programmed to go to their

destinations. The phone rang with customers complaining about why




the mail was late or they got the wrong mail and when we’re going to fix

the mail system.

I was startled by a tap on the shoulder. It was Mark smiling from ear to ear.

All I could think to myself was what the hell.

“We have a meeting in the conference room and you’re going to

love this,” said Mark.

“For what and why? Better yet what’s going on?”

“We have a new supervisor and wait till you see who

it is,” smiled Mark.

There were times when Mark could be a real jerk. But he was the

only one who I connected with and why I didn’t know. He and I really

had nothing in common, Mark didn’t mind letting one fly or giving you

the deadly but silent fart with a smile. He did that at lunchtime.

Despite that disgusting habit he always seem to have my back except for not

seeing Spider-head.

We made it to the conference room and to no surprise it was standing

room only. The biggest surprise was our new supervisor and Mark didn’t lie

when he said I was going to love this, but he was wrong because I didn’t love

it because the new supervisor was Spider-head. The worst part was nothing

had changed from what I saw earlier.

He was still a monster . . . alien . . . a creature or whatever he was he sure as





hell wasn’t human. I looked around the room and it was the same like this

morning, I was the only one who saw a monster instead of a man. The

first thing that came to mind was a movie called They Live. Pro wrestler

Rowdy Roddy Piper played the main character. In the movie, he was the

only one who saw that aliens had invaded the Earth. The only way he could

tell was by wearing sunglasses. He convinced David Keith to put on

sunglasses and when he did he also saw the aliens.

It wasn’t the same situation. What was even worse when

Spider-head started talking I heard a buzzing static noise. Everyone

else in the room seemed to understand his every word laughing and

applauding. When the meeting ended I went back to my station. My mind

wasn’t on my work. I wondered how I could convince others we had been invaded.

I could find a way to convince Mark and hope he would release one

of his poisonous farts to force the alien off our planet. Then I’d probably die

in the process as well. I could go to the police or find a government official,

but with my luck, I’d end up in a small tight white jacket making me hug myself.

I felt strange and looked over my shoulder and saw Spider-head staring

at me. I had to use the men’s room. I made a beeline to one of

the stalls and sat on the toilet to figure out my next move. I felt like

I was lying on my back looking up into bright lights, but how could that be

since I was sitting on the toilet?



I felt restrained and saw Spider-head’s face and I understood his language.

He said that I was abducted and it hit me that I was the alien.







A FEW CASUALTIES SO WHAT (A Chubby Pone Troubleshooter Novel)

A few casualties so what
This is a title of my latest novel that for now is in a idea stage. CHUBBY PONE is the main character in what I hope will be a successful mystery/thriller novel series. I need your support and what I mean by support, I need votes. To all my friends on goodreads and beyond, if you check out my book idea on…. 2,000 to 5,000 votes could take this novel idea a long way. I would appreciate your help and support to make this idea into a reality.

keep reading and writing and again vote for this book idea

Wilson jackson


I wasn’t there and neither were any body else when Bill Cosby violated these women that got him arrested this past Wednesday. So I don’t know whether it’s true or not if he did such an awful act. That is why I’m puzzled why so many people believe this fading Icon is guilty. In my opinion if he did this then why didn’t these women come forward  sooner rather than wait thirty years. If any one has been sexually violated then come forward right away. Whether the person is a celebrity or not he should be held accountable.
I’m not saying Mr. Cosby is innocent, but I won’t say he’s guilty either especially when all his accusers waited so long to say this legendary entertainer violated them and keep in mind they all came out together at basically the same time. At least one should have brought it to the attention as soon as he sexually assaulted them.
Janice Dickenson really bothers me because she always seems angry every time she is interviewed. They say she was the first or original supermodel, but my favorite supermodels were Elle McPherson and Cindy Crawford. Ms. Dickenson seems to be mad at the world because she got old which happens to us all so deal with it. To any woman who has been sexually assaulted please report it right away and don’t wait thirty years.



I never knew the true meaning of that phrase until I dealt with PUBLISHING CLEARING HOUSE. I know nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes, but like most people I want financial security and that’s why I’m stickler on saving your money.  I found an icon on my email that said win $10,000 a week for life offered by PCH.

Don’t judge me because after all I am human. Saving money takes a lot of work and discipline, so a quick cash pay out . . . well who wouldn’t want to roll the dice and I did and for me it came up snake eyes. The key to the win for life thing is that you need to order products from the as seen on TV. Some of things I ordered I wanted and some things I didn’t want, but when you clicked the I want to win button to certify how serious you are about winning they always said your order is appreciated. Of course it is because you’re buying their product and that means they’re getting your money.

They sent me a letter telling how to act if they come knocking at my door with the life changing news so I stayed home on Christmas Eve  being a fool waiting for my life changer. Well . . . it didn’t happen. So I decided to stick with the program and became as they say a loyal customer waiting for the $5,000 a week for life payout on February 24 and again came up snake eyes.  I didn’t stay at my apartment this time and the funny thing is every time they say they are coming to my address they never listed my apartment letter except when I ordered a product and trust me it found me accurately. I must confess I never seen a commercial of them actually going to anyone’s apartment, but at their home, yeah.

What bothered me about this gamble was that  they sent me two packets of act fast and respond for the big payoff on the same day on the heels of the big pay off and that got me thinking. I believe people invest in PCH to make money off of people like me who love mail order.  I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. I mean it’s like Christmas when you order something and it comes to your home and you open your package and for some reason it gives you some unique satisfaction.

I tossed the packets in the trash since  there was no way the packets would get back to PCH in time to confirm my interest in winning the $5,000 a week for life anyway. I believe the people who sent me packets must have heard that this guy being me is a mail order fanatic, okay maybe I am, but I’m not a fool.

The first payoff was supposed to be broadcast on NBC, but I didn’t see it and there was no hoopla about the $5,000 payoff. If you think about it, how and why would they pay you that type of money anyway for the rest of your life. Is it a tax write for some billionaire or are they trying to get rid of the products that aren’t really selling very well in the first place. They do say ordering doesn’t improve your chances of winning, but hey there’s a gambler inside us all.

There’s another week for life changer and it’s set for April 28, 2017. During that time the hope is to get people like myself to order more products and believing I have a chance to win $7,000 a week for life, but after my first two experiences I am understanding that old phrase Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. A third time I think not . . . well maybe.


So it begins, presidency or tyranny? When it is all said and done will Donald Trump be called a president or a tyrant? He is for now President Donald Trump, but really? I know at some point the Republicans must be scratching their heads saying what have we done to allow this man to run the country for the next four years. His first presidential address was anything but professional and mature, it was like watching an over age child having a temper tantrum talking to the press as if they were children saying he refused to talk to them because some of them criticize his values and credibility.  Well what does he think the press is saying now with his Muslim banned petition act.

I for one am all for the more strict admissions into the good old U.S.A. , but I’m sure there’s a better approach then this petition. I agree with keeping a close eye on people coming from countries that promote terrorism and hate the United States with passion and that they have a probation period  being monitored for at least five years and if they don’t like that policy  then they should not be allowed in the country. I say five years because that’s how long it takes to become a U.S. citizen. I know they should not pay the price for what their country stands for (Muslim) but with their country’s history against the U.S. citizens I think it’s important to have them monitored for our safety. Then again we have self proclaimed Muslims within this country. I’ll elaborate on that later.

I don’t agree with him attacking religion and Muslim is a religion. You can’t say that all Muslims are evil no more than you can say a Catholic, Baptist (my religion) Methodist, Jehovah Witness, or even Scientology (leave that exploit to Leah Remini).  Trump has barely warm the chair in the white house and already his racist antics has stirred up a nation wide protest and it doesn’t stop there.

He wants his own GREAT WALL OF CHINA! A border wall to keep Mexicans from  crossing the border illegally. Illegal aliens have caused a lot of U.S. citizens jobs because of cheap labor, but can you imagine to cost to build such  a wall?  I guess the good news for now is that he wants the Mexican government to build it and so far it’s not going over so well no pun intended. Forget about race relations, what about foreign relations?

Getting back to Muslims. Well for years since 1960’s Americans mostly African Americans have chose the Muslim religion and that has continued today. If Trump is not going to allow Muslims from Muslim countries to enter the States then what is he going to do with in house Muslims? They were born here in the States and chose the Muslim religion which is not a crime since you can choose the way you want to worship. So far this regime has done nothing to worry about the economy and I know he still has a long way to go, but so far it seems to be a political war against what countries don’t have our backs as said by the newly UN ambassador Nikki Haley.  She might be a bright spot in his administration since she satisfied many South Carolinians by removing the Confederate flag from the state house in the aftermath of the tragic Charleston church murders.

I know the Republicans felt tortured for eight years about the Obama era, but he was trying to fix another presidents mess and for some reason everyone seems  to forget  who was in charge of the country before he got their, I believe Bush was his name. The Republicans need to remember they already had a controversial president in place that left a lot people upset about  the war he caused and rumor has it that the 9/11 tragic was really done in house so he could press his issue to go to war with Saddam Hussein. And now on the heels of a man who did not declare war and got little if any credit for bringing justice to Bin Laden,  you have another controversial president in place. With that being said   the  Republicans have got to be scratching their heads and it is not because of dandruff.