Today’s youth seem to be in a state of confusion, the girls or young ladies ranging in their late teens and twenties seemed to think it’s okay to pass judgement by saying EW when they see something that’s disgust them. Unfortunately, it’s men over twenty who deal with their wrath.

I’ve said EW a few times myself, but only when I enter a public restroom and some idiot forgot to or on purpose didn’t flush the toilet. My old high school coach said it best and it was perhaps the most motivational thing he ever said and I agree, it ain’t a TV. Nobody wants to look at so put some water on it.

I think the young ladies might want to consider the same thing with the word, EW. Nobody owns the night and I understand night time is when young people have the most fun and it should be, unfortunately people under the age of 60 should be able to go out at night and have fun too. If you’re 60 and over then yeah it’s probably best to stay at home and watch CNN.

I know when it’s the weekend, young ladies want to go out with their guys or have a girls night out and want to wear something short, sexy, and tight. It’s their time to unwind by showing off their bodies. It’s the weekend and it’s time to enjoy life as it should be when you’re over 18 and in your twenties, but you do not own the night.

Uptown is where most of the hottest clubs are and  you’re going have people over the age of twenty working: policemen, security guards, parking enforcement, emergency professionals, and club owners, etc. If you walk across the street at a traffic light section, you’re going to see men over twenty waiting for the light to turn green. So if you have common sense then you should realize they’re not going to duck their heads or close their eyes and miss the light changing color because of a young lady not wanting some old guy looking at her.

Here’s the thing, first of all, get over yourself, being young does not mean you’re good-looking. There are some ugly young people out there and no it’s not particularly their fault, but it’s true, and most of all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are not going attract the attention of some guys your own age and you too will be old one day and when that happens, you might wish to have somebody eye-balling you.

In the mean time, having a boyfriend or husband blocking the view of an older guy or having him stare down the guy is ridiculous. I hope the young man that does this for their woman don’t let it escalate into violence because it’s not worth it. As long as the guy is not making obscene jesters and shouting obscenities, just keep on walking to your destination and have a good time. Life is too short for unnecessary ignorance.

For the young ladies who just don’t get it, well . . . EW your damn self!






Never lose your sense of humor. This chapter is to lighten the mood a bit.

Here are some true, but humorous reasons why you should leave your dead end job. I actually experienced most of what I am about to tell you and some are just for the sake of humor. I’ll let you decide which ones.

  1. When you’re making six dollars and fifty cents an hour and your boss tells you that you can only max out at eight dollars no matter how long you work for the company.
  2. When pay is reduced by one and two dollars based on your education and your boss says with a smile how’s the money.
  3. When you ask for a raise and your boss calls you into his office on pay day and holds your check over his head and says here’s your raise.
  4. When your overtime pay is fifty cents an hour.
  5. When the pencil drop on the sexy administrative assistant no longer thrills you.
  6. When you’re accused of sexual harassment after telling a female coworker you’d put her on lay-a-way after she said you couldn’t afford her.
  7. No paid sick days, no vacations, no benefits, and no company stock options.
  8. They hire your spouse to work alongside your or they hire her period.
  9. You’re served leftover food from your boss at the company Christmas dinner that came from his family’s Christmas dinner.
  10. When you give a month’s notice about your wedding anniversary and on the night of it, you get a call asking you why you’re not at work while in bed with your spouse.
  11. When you get tired of hearing where the beef is, two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Having it your way, the monster burger really scare you and you wish Jack would stay in the box.
  12. When you get tired of wearing a uniform for minimum wage that has nothing to do with a sports team.
  13. When asking someone to make a choice about paper or plastic and it has nothing to do with cash or a credit card.
  14. When your parents make more money than you do and their retired.
  15. When your kids make more money than you on their summer jobs.
  16. The two most dangerous words known to man . . . I DO! I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the list, but I just thought it would be funny.
  17. On a serious note, you never want to stay on any job that can’t help you grow as a person or financially. If these are some problems you face on your dead end job then say to yourself FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW. But remember you should have another job in place before ever quitting because being unemployed is not the answer or funny.


Jalen continued to jog; each step became slower as if he was trying to find a spot. He stopped, enclosed by bushes and trees. He wondered what was going on. He wasn’t winded, he was feeling as good as he did running up the stadium steps to get in shape for football season.

It was as if something took control of his body and out of nowhere a sharp pain in his stomach dropped him to his knees. He hugged his abdomen for comfort. The pain was so severe he didn’t notice his clothes being absorbed into the pores of his skin. He was naked and positioned on all four. Trees and the cold white-eyed moon were his only witnesses.

Every muscle, joint, and vein trembled like a volcano about to erupt. His mouth and nose elongated into a snout. His spine sounded like cracking knuckles being stretched to the limit. Fingers  and toenails changed into claws and fangs replaced his teeth. He looked like a furless lab cat. Jalen felt like he was on a torture rack. Tears of agony flowed from his now feral eyes.

Iris black and pupils demonic red. The worse transformation was within his body. A million porcupine like quills punctured his skin. Jalen was gone. A behemoth seven-foot tall creature stood in his place. It belted a bloodcurdling howl at the luminous moon.

Burt Rogers and Lori Easterly were students a Crest Community College. Both in their mid-twenties, he studied welding and she nursing. They were making out in the park.

“Did you hear that?” Lori asked. She stopped his hand crawling up her jeans. “Burt . . .”

“Probably some dog.” He continued to kiss her neck.



Fear and Procrastination, are they the same? No, but they are similar in the since fear means you’re afraid of or scared to do something or scared of some one. Procrastination basically means you say you’re going to do something, but keep putting it off and making excuses why you can’t or won’t do what you say you were going to do.

In my opinion procrastinate is sort of like fear. When you don’t go out and complete the task of doing what you say you are going to do then eventually you are afraid. Therefore you have fear. Fear in which you are afraid to fail and that’s why you don’t go through with your plans which could be perhaps to start a business.  The cost and resources that you don’t have can throw a wrench in  your plans. Eventually you or at least some of you stop procrastinating and overcome your fear.

I’m talking right now about me taking the plunge of  owning a website to start an author’s platform. I’ve written two books and hope to get a third off and running through the help of blogging when I can get around to it. Oh, no . . . am I procrastinating since I said when I can get around to it? Any way in a since that’s what I’m doing now, blogging. I overcame my fear when I coined a phrase (I’d rather try and fail then fail to try) after all if you don’t do then how will you ever know? So I say take the plunge. You can procrastinate when you’re young because as they say you have time, but keep doing that when you get older, well the window of life begins to close.

So I started this website to introduce my work to the world. Like I said I’ve written two books (a horror novel and self-help) my third book is my brain child that I need assistance since I’m in need of votes. I’ve placed it with soopllc (something or other publishing).com. I need votes to get my book from being an idea to being a published manuscript. Now will fear and procrastination play a role. Will you be afraid to vote or will you visit the site and say I got time and vote later? soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/chubby-pone-troubleshooter-casualties-Wilson-Jackson/

Thank you for your support.