There’s a chill in the air and it’s the kind that really makes you shiver. The Republicans and Democrats have something in common . . . they both have candidates no one wants to really see in the white house.

Both candidates seem to have an agenda of their own and it is more of an ego trip. Donald Trump, who may be great as an entrepreneur, but as for a politician I am confused how the Republican party let him become their main guy. He has zero experience as a politician. To believe he can run a country for four years is like a kid in college without a declared major in place approaching graduation. He might be able to help the economy, but making decisions that will benefit the people of the United States is a frightening thought considering  he has let it be none that bigotry oozes out of his pores.

Why would any body want a President who can’t hide his bigotry? He is now labeling his opponent as a racist. I call this a desperate move for a man who has put his foot in his mouth. I will give him a pat on the back, we should  make it tough on people from countries that hate the United States to enter our home land since we really don’t know what their true purpose for coming here is. I could come up with a lot reasons why Donald Trump should not be president, but it’s mainly my own opinion, a opinion that will have a lot of Republicans I believe rethinking their choice.

As for Hillary Clinton, it bothers me that she is so determine to make history and I hope it’s not because the country had it’s first black president and now she wants to become the first woman president and  the first husband and wife tandem to grace the white house. I also hope she don’t have her own version of Monica Lewinsky after all she’s going to make her husband the first man which sounds kind of wimpy to me. My fear about Hillary as president is a rumor she will probably declare war to prove she’s as tough as a man and that would be as wrong as probably the most unqualified president ever elected, George W.
Bush who declared war when there was no need for war.

Both candidates have their own motivation for the wrong reason. I feel Trump’s agenda is that if a black man can run the country for eight years then why can’t I. Hillary probably believes if a black man can make it to the white house then why can’t a woman do the same.

Well Trump and Clinton have this in common, they both didn’t like it that a black man took up residence in the white house. Obama made history and I fear one of these two will as well. If Trump wins, I really hope he surrounds himself with a crack political staff and listen to their every word. If Hillary wins, I hope she realizes it’s not about her, but the people of the United States.

Either way this is a race that nobody wants to see a winner.