photo (5)October is my favorite month. It is my birth month. It’s the month where adults can be kids and kids can stay kids because this is the month of trick or treat. This is also the best month to pick up a good horror/paranormal novel to kick back and read.

If you like psychos who wield knives or  monsters who are human one minute then a monster the next then you might want to read my horror novel that is perfect for Halloween THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: HERE THERE BE MONSTERS.  I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but I don’t know too many novels that infuse two type of killers such as a serial killer and a shape shifter into one book, but I did. It was meant to be a screenplay and hopefully one day soon (cross your fingers) it will be. For now it is a 4 star novel that is perfect for this time of month and year.

So if you want a page turner, a thrill and chill up and down your spine then read Things That Go Bump In The Night: Here There Be Monsters. @ Barnes & Noble and amazon.com/author/Wilsonjackson