I wasn’t there and neither were any body else when Bill Cosby violated these women that got him arrested this past Wednesday. So I don’t know whether it’s true or not if he did such an awful act. That is why I’m puzzled why so many people believe this fading Icon is guilty. In my opinion if he did this then why didn’t these women come forward¬† sooner rather than wait thirty years. If any one has been sexually violated then come forward right away. Whether the person is a celebrity or not he should be held accountable.
I’m not saying Mr. Cosby is innocent, but I won’t say he’s guilty either especially when all his accusers waited so long to say this legendary entertainer violated them and keep in mind they all came out together at basically the same time. At least one should have brought it to the attention as soon as he sexually assaulted them.
Janice Dickenson really bothers me because she always seems angry every time she is interviewed. They say she was the first or original supermodel, but my favorite supermodels were Elle McPherson and Cindy Crawford. Ms. Dickenson seems to be mad at the world because she got old which happens to us all so deal with it. To any woman who has been sexually assaulted please report it right away and don’t wait thirty years.