A FEW CASUALTIES SO WHAT (A Chubby Pone Troubleshooter Novel)

A few casualties so what
This is a title of my latest novel that for now is in a idea stage. CHUBBY PONE is the main character in what I hope will be a successful mystery/thriller novel series. I need your support and what I mean by support, I need votes. To all my friends on goodreads and beyond, if you check out my book idea on #SOOPLLC.com/blog/bookideas/chubby-pon…. 2,000 to 5,000 votes could take this novel idea a long way. I would appreciate your help and support to make this idea into a reality.

keep reading and writing and again vote for this book idea @SOOPLLC.com/blog/bookideas/chubby-pone

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wilson jackson

I live in North Carolina and work for the city and went to college at JCSU. Have written two and a half books and have a linkedin and twitter handle (wiljack26) where you can check out my philosophical tweets.

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