Hair was like spider legs and its eyes were like that of a fly which

was the first thing to freak me out since spiders and flies are enemies, It

stood a least six feet tall and about a buck twenty in weight. He wore a gray

business suit and we were on opposite sides of the wall waiting for an elevator.

I asked Mark my coworker, we both work first shift in the mail room of the

Bankers Trust Corporate building. “Is it Halloween already?” I asked.

“What did you have for breakfast this morning?” questioned Mark.

It then hit me that October was four months away. “Are they shooting

a movie?” Since from time to time Hollywood found North Carolina to be

a cheap location for shooting films.

“You thinking about a career change or something?” asked Mark.



“You don’t see that guy over there with that mask on?”

Mark looked at me then looked me in the eye.

“Alright already he’s ugly, but so are billions of other people

in the world you don’t have to be cruel.” he said.

I wasn’t making fun or anything and I didn’t understand why Mark

got offensive, but it occurred to me I was the only one seeing a

monstrosity and it wasn’t Halloween or a movie being shot. Was I

crazy or going through a mid-life crisis. . . no. I pinched myself and

let out a loud ouch. Mark gave me a look that said if you keep this up

I’ll personally escort you to the loony bin. The elevators doors opened and

like a herd of cattle, we all went into our corral.

“Maybe you need to hit the ground running to get your

head straight,” said Mark

Yeah right, I thought. I sort and file mail for a living in a boring mail

room. The bottom of the totem pole in the corporate world. I looked at the

faces in the elevator with me and Mark and they were all human. Handsome,

pretty, cute, and yeah some were damn ugly, but they were all human and

maybe Mark was right about me needing something to do get my mind right.

I put on my smock and went to my station and started sorting and filing

mail. So far the day was like any other day in the mail room. Mail was being

loaded into the bins and placed on the railway programmed to go to their

destinations. The phone rang with customers complaining about why




the mail was late or they got the wrong mail and when we’re going to fix

the mail system.

I was startled by a tap on the shoulder. It was Mark smiling from ear to ear.

All I could think to myself was what the hell.

“We have a meeting in the conference room and you’re going to

love this,” said Mark.

“For what and why? Better yet what’s going on?”

“We have a new supervisor and wait till you see who

it is,” smiled Mark.

There were times when Mark could be a real jerk. But he was the

only one who I connected with and why I didn’t know. He and I really

had nothing in common, Mark didn’t mind letting one fly or giving you

the deadly but silent fart with a smile. He did that at lunchtime.

Despite that disgusting habit he always seem to have my back except for not

seeing Spider-head.

We made it to the conference room and to no surprise it was standing

room only. The biggest surprise was our new supervisor and Mark didn’t lie

when he said I was going to love this, but he was wrong because I didn’t love

it because the new supervisor was Spider-head. The worst part was nothing

had changed from what I saw earlier.

He was still a monster . . . alien . . . a creature or whatever he was he sure as





hell wasn’t human. I looked around the room and it was the same like this

morning, I was the only one who saw a monster instead of a man. The

first thing that came to mind was a movie called They Live. Pro wrestler

Rowdy Roddy Piper played the main character. In the movie, he was the

only one who saw that aliens had invaded the Earth. The only way he could

tell was by wearing sunglasses. He convinced David Keith to put on

sunglasses and when he did he also saw the aliens.

It wasn’t the same situation. What was even worse when

Spider-head started talking I heard a buzzing static noise. Everyone

else in the room seemed to understand his every word laughing and

applauding. When the meeting ended I went back to my station. My mind

wasn’t on my work. I wondered how I could convince others we had been invaded.

I could find a way to convince Mark and hope he would release one

of his poisonous farts to force the alien off our planet. Then I’d probably die

in the process as well. I could go to the police or find a government official,

but with my luck, I’d end up in a small tight white jacket making me hug myself.

I felt strange and looked over my shoulder and saw Spider-head staring

at me. I had to use the men’s room. I made a beeline to one of

the stalls and sat on the toilet to figure out my next move. I felt like

I was lying on my back looking up into bright lights, but how could that be

since I was sitting on the toilet?



I felt restrained and saw Spider-head’s face and I understood his language.

He said that I was abducted and it hit me that I was the alien.







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