So now Oprah wants to be president.  Wow! Now everybody thinks they can be in charge of a country. We already have a four-year joke in the white house and trust me when I say it will only be four-years. Not eight by any chance unless you put Oprah in the oval office.

Oprah and Trump have this in common, they both are excellent entrepreneurs. He is real estate and she is entertainment and that is where the problem begins. Neither have a political background. I thought only governors, senators, and congressmen could qualify for running for president, but we live in a new age now and not a real good one.

I don’t have a problem with a woman in charge but a political background would help ease my mind. You can’t run a country having a vendetta against an individual. Oprah is not a fan of Trump and that is what she would be doing if elected president. Trump is doing that, he was no fan of Barak Obama. He ran for president because it bothered him that a black man was in charge eight years. What Trump failed to realize is that the president works for the people and not against them. He has proven he is not for the people especially minorities and yet he ran for president and by golly he won.

Trump got his wish and is now president of the greatest country in the world. And it is taking its toll on him. Like Obama whose hair was black and change to snow white less than a year in office thanks to stress that comes with the job.  Trump is old but now he has stress trenched in those age lines because now he knows this is not an easy job.

The man is a wizard when it comes to putting up hotels and resorts, but running a country is not like running a hotel. I wonder if he looks in the mirror and says you’re fired! So far all he’s done is play on twitter and like a teenager. I have a twitter account and I post news about my books and philosophical beliefs about life.  Not insults like a child. I believe if Trump is not reelected he may not show it, but he would be relieved.

Oprah should take note before jumping in the political pool and find out it is not so easy to swim in it. She is great at producing talk shows, tv shows, and movies. But that is it, she is not a politician.  One on the job training is enough and it is dangerous to put another celebrity in the white house base on a vendetta of dislike towards another.

A woman for the job? Nikki Haley is an ex-governor of  South Carolina and would no doubt when the Trump mistake is over will throw in her candidacy for president.  She got rave reviews taking the Confederate flag from the statehouse though it has since returned after the tragic Charleston church shootings.

Oprah should support a candidate male or female with a political background. Something that Donald Trump wished he had done instead of thinking he was qualified to run a country. People of these United States Of America please during the next election vote for a candidate with a political background 5000 votes for a publishing contract. So vote for this book.

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