So it begins, presidency or tyranny? When it is all said and done will Donald Trump be called a president or a tyrant? He is for now President Donald Trump, but really? I know at some point the Republicans must be scratching their heads saying what have we done to allow this man to run the country for the next four years. His first presidential address was anything but professional and mature, it was like watching an over age child having a temper tantrum talking to the press as if they were children saying he refused to talk to them because some of them criticize his values and credibility.  Well what does he think the press is saying now with his Muslim banned petition act.

I for one am all for the more strict admissions into the good old U.S.A. , but I’m sure there’s a better approach then this petition. I agree with keeping a close eye on people coming from countries that promote terrorism and hate the United States with passion and that they have a probation period  being monitored for at least five years and if they don’t like that policy  then they should not be allowed in the country. I say five years because that’s how long it takes to become a U.S. citizen. I know they should not pay the price for what their country stands for (Muslim) but with their country’s history against the U.S. citizens I think it’s important to have them monitored for our safety. Then again we have self proclaimed Muslims within this country. I’ll elaborate on that later.

I don’t agree with him attacking religion and Muslim is a religion. You can’t say that all Muslims are evil no more than you can say a Catholic, Baptist (my religion) Methodist, Jehovah Witness, or even Scientology (leave that exploit to Leah Remini).  Trump has barely warm the chair in the white house and already his racist antics has stirred up a nation wide protest and it doesn’t stop there.

He wants his own GREAT WALL OF CHINA! A border wall to keep Mexicans from  crossing the border illegally. Illegal aliens have caused a lot of U.S. citizens jobs because of cheap labor, but can you imagine to cost to build such  a wall?  I guess the good news for now is that he wants the Mexican government to build it and so far it’s not going over so well no pun intended. Forget about race relations, what about foreign relations?

Getting back to Muslims. Well for years since 1960’s Americans mostly African Americans have chose the Muslim religion and that has continued today. If Trump is not going to allow Muslims from Muslim countries to enter the States then what is he going to do with in house Muslims? They were born here in the States and chose the Muslim religion which is not a crime since you can choose the way you want to worship. So far this regime has done nothing to worry about the economy and I know he still has a long way to go, but so far it seems to be a political war against what countries don’t have our backs as said by the newly UN ambassador Nikki Haley.  She might be a bright spot in his administration since she satisfied many South Carolinians by removing the Confederate flag from the state house in the aftermath of the tragic Charleston church murders.

I know the Republicans felt tortured for eight years about the Obama era, but he was trying to fix another presidents mess and for some reason everyone seems  to forget  who was in charge of the country before he got their, I believe Bush was his name. The Republicans need to remember they already had a controversial president in place that left a lot people upset about  the war he caused and rumor has it that the 9/11 tragic was really done in house so he could press his issue to go to war with Saddam Hussein. And now on the heels of a man who did not declare war and got little if any credit for bringing justice to Bin Laden,  you have another controversial president in place. With that being said   the  Republicans have got to be scratching their heads and it is not because of dandruff.


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